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Owner, and designer

Kamila has always loved home design and creating the most beautiful spaces regardless of budget. One of her favorite design “tricks” is to mix a few expensive pieces with some inexpensive items to give it a Luxe vibe.

As a young child, one of her favorite things to do was clean and move furniture around until it felt and looked “just right.”

Later, when traveling with her husband Mike, one of their favorite pastimes (besides hiking and wine tasting), is checking out quaint furniture and boutique shops. While in Victoria one year, upon walking into a beautiful store, and chatting with the store owner-the seed was planted of opening her very own shop filled with beautiful furniture and decor.

Fast forward to 2022, the opportunity was presented of purchasing the It’s All In The Details, and after a lot of research, Mike and Kamila decided to take the leap and purchase the store.

What does the future hold? We are excited to bring in some new pieces as well as keep the current items that the community loves so much.

The boutique also offers Kamila’s trend-setting design work offered through Details boutique-as well as staging services.


Kamila feels that our homes should be our sanctuaries, a soft place to land, after a long day at work, or whereever life takes us. This is why interior design and styling has always been a strong passion of hers. 


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