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Details is a home furniture & decor boutique located in Tri Cities, Washington.  

Our Design

We know the design process can be overwhelming, that is why we are commited to help you through this journey. Whether you are purchasing a new build or an older home or are in need of an overhaul we can help you love the space you are in.


We are committed to guide you through the process with confidence and understanding. Life can be hard, design shouldn’t be, we can help you make this process smooth. 


"The details are not the details. They make the design.”


My philosophy? If I would not use the items in my home, I will not purchase them for the store. 

Kamila has always loved home design and creating the most beautiful spaces regardless of budget. One of her favorite design “tricks” is to mix a few expensive pieces with some inexpensive items to give it a Luxe vibe. 


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