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Nathalie Dupree is a storyteller, and in celebration of her 80th birthday in December 2019, she shares her favorite culinary stories, which trace her journey from a budding cook for her college friends, through her years as a restaurant cook and cooking instructor. Her activist spirit, humor, feisty personality, and authoritative knowledge of cooking make this a must-have cookbook for everyone who has watched her on TV, read her articles in magazines and newspapers, or invoked her name in a conversation about Southern food.

Hardcover 208pgs Cooking/American/Southern States

Nathalie Dupree is the best-selling author of 14 cookbooks, and host of more than 300 national and international cooking shows.

Cynthia Stevens Graubart, co-author of James Beard Award-winning Mastering the Art of Southern Cooking and Southern Biscuits with Nathalie Dupree.

Gibbs Smith - Nathalie Dupree's Favorite Stories and Recipes - Cookbook

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